A zero point one chance on a scale of hundred

Hey there, whoever’s reading this, I just wanted to share my luckiest, strangest but most awesome coincidence in my life so far. As I love storytelling, this isn’t a made up fairytale of some crazed obsessed fangirl -although I can be about certain celebs… JK- it’s just a fact I wanted to share when I met the amazing actor Tom Hiddleston AND how unlikely the events were that led to this “meeting” (it was like twenty seconds more or less anywayz). I don’t care if you don’t want to continue on reading or ya’ll like: “Dayum girl, hundreds of ppl on tumblr have seen/met him already. Imma scroll down.” but you won’t regret believing in fate/ limitless possibilities after reading this. And if some of you are sceptics, I hope I can change your minds ;)

So anyway, time to get to the point (yay, flashback time for me). Back in October 2013, I signed myself up for a German Course in -what’s better than the capitol itself? - that’s right, Berlin. The greatest city I consider btw. I was going to live there for a month and prior to this course, I’ve been there twice on holidays. Because I didn’t know any people there, not at least for the first days of my stay (I was residing in an appartment of an elder lady who was going to move soon), my mom decided to accompany me for my first weekend over there. So on a beautiful sunny sunday, I wanted to go to the Berlin zoo with her. We got there to the spot but when I saw how long the queue was -and the screaming toddlers included- I immediately changed my mind and took another direction. Something told me it’s a better idea to go to the Sony Center. This building houses a movie theatre, several bars and a leisure center. Just google it and you’ll see tons of images appearing. It’s the most remarkable theatre in Berlin and the only one (as far as i know) that shows original dubbed movies. When we arrived there I saw an installation of Thor 2 banners, posters and a whole stage with Chris Hemsworth’s face on it. What’s this? I kept asking myself.

The whole deal was clear to me after I’ve spoken with Fahrlight Loki. She’s a well known cosplayer that dresses up as Loki and is pretty good at it. Apparently she walked around the site longer than me that day and knew there was a premiere soon to be held there. THE FUCKING THOR 2 PREMIERE. Baffled as i was when I heard who was coming (the main cast), I had a mini heart attack! Soon, thoughts came up in my head and the first one was: “Will I be able to see Tom Hiddleston?” and then “Would it be possible to get an autograph and maybe… a picture together?” Yeah I was up in the air and freakishly excited when I heard he would appear in person. 

So in meantime, me and my mom went to Starbucks, walked around in the neighborhood and returned back to the complex before the premiere would begin. By coincidence, I overheard a press member saying that Tom’s staying in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, which is like a one minute walk from the Sony Center complex! I’m not the stalker celebrity kind -hell i’ve never been to a press / celeb premiere before that moment- but I wondered if there was also alot of commotion going on near the hotel. I followed my intuition again and saw that some people, no more than fifteen, were hanging out at the entrance of the Ritz hotel. Clearly die-hard fans of Thor because they had artwork and movie posters with them… and I felt like an alien passing by. We decided to stand there just to see if someone from the cast -or in my hopes Tom - would eventually turn up.

About twenty minutes later, my mom recognized him standing in the lobby. At first I thought she made a joke because she knew he was my favorite actor. She of all persons wasn’t even that excited about him. My heart pounded in my throat when I saw his vibrant profile standing there! He was litteraly  ten steps away from me, after a glass door! We, me, my mom and the other ppl waiting outside couldn’t go inside because the lobby guy had placed bars on both sides before the hotel entrance. Luckily I was limited up to my hips ;) So this awesome happening was because Tom wanted to go out before the big event. He was just accompanied by a few bodyguards, with no one else from the cast. He kept talking to fellow guests and fans of him who were already inside the lobby, I could tell he was very kind to have actual conversations with them and took his time. When he came out of the doors, my heart pounded even more, ‘t was such an undescribable feeling.

As if my luck couldn’t go any higher that day, Tom chose the side of the waiting fans, right where I stood (I mentioned before they sealed both sides with bars, at the entrance of the hotel). As he signed and listened to the people next to me, he came nearer and nearer. An Irish girl next to me just came out of curiosity and didn’t even knew his name. That frustrated me a little bit but all went well the moment he stood right before me. I got speechless but managed to ask him for a picture, an autograph and even made him giggle a bit when I asked for a second pic. I said to him “Can I make one again for security?” What I meant was “for certainty” ofcourse -dumb me- but his laugh made it all unforgettable. He came closer and posed kindly for the second time. He really did laugh as in all these Tumblr memes and he was sooooooo gorgeous. I thanked him with a “bless you!” and got paralyzed in my head. 

Then he walked over to a mercedes car, to go out in town…I thank God for leading me to this magnificent opportunity and consider myself also blessed, for the rest of my life! There were like five coincidences that day, which all lead to a moment I never thought I’d have in my life, with my fave actor! Seriously, I live in Belgium and it’s very rare to see a major celeb here. If I hadn’t fell in love with Berlin city before, if I had found a steady job to keep me in the country, I’d probably have missed this chance. So my statement here is to never give up on believing, on hoping something awesome will get you off the ground, 

and most important to remain yourself. Always follow your heart and intuition, it’ll lead you to similar magical moments ;) Thank you for reading and may you be blessed as well!

p.s. about the photo: the queue you see behind him was the one he ignored, understandable -bittersweet for the others- because he already spent so much time inside the lobby. So happy that he chose my side <3

“I’m the Juggernaut bitch!”

i think this shouldve been the movie poster

If Spider-Man was arachnophobia
You&#8217;re too humble, mr. Jackman!
sorry Legolas&#8230;
a daytrip in Asgard&#8230;
that&#8217;s how Thor rolls!